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A Probate Litigation Law Firm Bringing Resolution To Probate Disputes In Fort Lauderdale

Probate litigation typically refers to legal disputes concerning wills, but more broadly it deals with a number of issues regarding disability, aging and death. Besides wills, it might also involve things like conservatorships and guardianships. All of these issues are complex and can involve long, protracted battles.

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The Complexities Of Probate Litigation

When somebody passes away, it can result in numerous intense legal battles involving wills, estates, trusts, disputes over assets, gifts, joint bank accounts and pretty much anything else that families or friends can disagree over.

Unfortunately these kinds of disputes can lead to a lot of family infighting, and there can be quite a bit of confusion and frustration when things are not handled well. Although the common perception is that these cases involve people fighting to get as much money as they can, the truth is that many times people are trying to protect loved ones or get property back from outside agencies such as caregivers or financial planners.

Here are some common reasons why a will might be contested: beneficiaries not receiving an inventory of assets and property, undue influence, failure to do fiduciary duties and disputes about who should serve as personal representative.

Wills and probate are meant to help families avoid disputes and reach amicable solutions. It makes sure that every heir benefits and resolves all tax liabilities. Individuals involved in probate litigation might feel overwhelmed, and it can be awkward when you feel pitted against family members or acquaintances.

Ideally, everyone will feel comfortable with the solutions reached, but it takes experienced legal counsel to overcome the numerous challenges along the way. Without the right law firm, probate litigation can turn into a big mess and result in a lot of hurt feelings and damaged relationships.

If you need an experienced and highly qualified probate litigation law firm in Fort Lauderdale, trust Mathews Giberson. Whether you are an heir, beneficiary or trustee, we can make sure you have the best legal counsel, no matter how complex the case might be.

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February 19, 2014 , by Walter Mathews

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