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An SEC Defense Law Firm Can Help You Weather An SEC Investigation

Hearing that your company is the target of a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation can be both frightening and confusing. Just because your business has done nothing wrong does not mean that you won’t be asked to prove it to the SEC. The problem is, the very fact that you are being investigated can become a problem.

Investigations can affect employee morale and stockholder confidence. It can also disrupt your day-to-day operations, if you let it. That is where an SEC defense law firm can help (Read more about securities litigation here).

At The Law Offices of Mathews Giberson, LLP., we can help you resolve a dispute with the SEC before the case is taken to court. If it becomes necessary to appear in court, we will fight hard to obtain the best possible outcome.

This article will discuss two recent examples of businesses and individuals that have been cleared by the SEC. To schedule your free case evaluation, Call Us At 954-463-1929 Today!

Apple Was Recently Cleared By The SEC

Forbes reports that the SEC launched an investigation into Apple after the company was accused of tax avoidance by members of Congress. Although a Senate subcommittee has aggressively reproached the tech giant for not repatriating their overseas income, the SEC concluded that there was no cause for punitive action against the company.

The key to Apple’s success with the SEC investigation is that their business lawyer team disclosed a sufficient amount about the company’s tax policies while continuing to firmly deny that they had done anything illegal.

Business Lawyer Wins Case, Restores Mark Cuban’s Name

The Mark Cuban SEC case provided a good example of how an innocent person can be villanized by an overzealous investigation. Cuban has maintained that he is innocent since the news first broke that he was being investigated.

The SEC lost the case because they simply did not have evidence of any wrongdoing; the supposed insider tip that Cuban received was accessible by the public, and it wasn’t a very important piece of information, anyway. Luckily, Cuban had a defense team that proved the SEC was being overly aggressive by calling the right combination of expert witnesses.

If your business is currently being investigated by the SEC, let us help. We have been representing companies in the Miami area for decades (Read about us in the media here). For a free case evaluation, Call Us At 954-463-1929 Today!

October 21, 2013 , by Walter Mathews

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