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Hire A Probate Litigation Attorney In Fort Lauderdale For Power Of Attorney Issues

If you have issues involving Power of Attorney, chances are you’ll need a probate litigation attorney. Although most people think that a Power of Attorney automatically has control over all health care and financial decisions after the paperwork is signed, that’s not always the case.

The Fort Lauderdale probate litigation attorneys at Mathews Giberson LLP routinely represent plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving Power of Attorney. To schedule an appointment,Call Us At 954-463-1929 Today!

In order for a Power of Attorney to be legitimate, it must:

  • Meet the legal requirements of your state
  • Appear in writing
  • Be dated properly

In addition, the person who designated Power of Attorney must have been legally competent at the time the paperwork was completed. Although competence can be tough to determine, especially in cases of dementia, a probate litigation attorney understands the law. They can gather medical records and legal opinions of experts directly involved in the case.

Unfortunately, there are times when a Power of Attorney abuses the position by not acting in the best interests of the principal. If assets are not being managed properly, it is essential that a family member intervene. The first response should be toconsult with aFort Lauderdale probate litigation attorney.

Hiring A Stock Broker Misconduct Law Firm In Fort Lauderdale

Hiring a stock broker to manage your investments is a serious decision. Most brokers are good at what they do and handle their clients’ portfolios professionally. But what happens if your stock broker commits fraud at your expense?

There is a number of cases that constitute stock broker misconduct. The most common type is excessive trading of stock, or churning. Since they earn a commission each time stock is purchased or sold, some brokers trade excessively to pad their own financial accounts.

Another instance when you should contact a stock broker misconduct law firm is during a case of misrepresentation. This is when a broker leaves out an important fact about an investment that leads the client to make an unwise purchase.Sometimes, a stock broker may even brag about a hot stock, which can be a sign of insider trading.

It goes without saying that a stock broker should never take money from a client’s account, provide fake records or neglect to follow a client’s instructions. If you have been a victim of fraud, contact Mathews Giberson, LLP, an experienced stock broker misconduct law firm in Fort Lauderdale. To learn how we can help, Call Us At 954-463-1929 Today!

January 6, 2014 , by Walter Mathews

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